Install Dart

Current stable version of Dart: [calculating]

To use Dart for web or server-side development, install the Dart SDK to get everything you need to write and run Dart code: VM, libraries, analyzer, package manager, doc generator, formatter, debugger, and more.

If you’re doing web development, you might also want Dartium. Instructions for installing Dartium are also provided in the following pages, or see the zip file archive.

Automated installation and updates

A package manager can help you easily install and update the Dart SDK.

Manual install

Not using a package manager for your OS? No problem!

Download zip files of the Dart SDK, Dartium, and docs.

Looking for an older version?

Check out our zip file archive for previous versions of the Dart SDK.

About SDK release channels and version strings

The Dart SDK has two release channels:

  • stable channel: stable releases (updated no more frequently than every 6 weeks)
  • dev channel: pre-releases (usually updated 1/week)

Most alpha releases of Flutter contain a dev channel release of Dart.

Stable channel releases of the Dart SDK have version strings like 1.24.2 and 2.0.0. They consist of dot-separated integers, with no hyphens or letters.

Dev channel releases of the Dart SDK (pre-releases) have additional characters, starting with a hyphen (-). After the stable release of Dart 1.24.0 on June 12, dev channel SDKs had version strings beginning with 1.25.0-dev—for example, 1.25.0-dev.16.4.

Although we don’t plan to release a 1.25 Dart SDK on the stable channel, the 1.25.0-dev releases made it possible to use the latest SDK without worrying about SDK constraints and semantic versioning. Now that breaking changes are expected, we’ve switched to version strings beginning with 2.0.0-dev.

For more information, see Dart 2 Updates and the installation instructions for your platform.